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Sig P320: Handgun Of The Year 2016

Everybody wants to create the best of the best, and the folks at NRA’s American Rifleman have said that Sig Sauer has taken the cake with the Sig P320 winning the Golden Bullseye Handgun of the Year. Check out the full list of Bullseye Awards Here! The wonders of innovation and design, one could not live without the other, they go together like wine and cheese. Business’ success relies on this fundamental practice. When it comes to the firearms industry, innovation is how a company keeps up with your competition. Sig Sauer is constantly doing just that.

The Sig P320 is the newest handgun from Sig Sauer. The interesting and innovative design behind this pistol takes the best qualities of the P250 design and creates a striker fired version. First off, let’s go over the differences between the P250 and the P320. The P250 was Sig Sauer’s answer to a modular handgun system that utilizes a serialized chassis that was double action only. This set up allows the end user to change frame sizes and calibers if need be. The gun was a success for awhile until people didn’t care for the double action mechanism. After feedback from customers on what they would prefer on the next design, the folks at Sig Sauer took the input to heart and eventually came up with the Sig P320. The P320 is similar to the P250 but lacks the double action mechanism and implements the more popular striker fired mechanism. The chassis is removable and allows the user to switch calibers and frame sizes. All in all it’s a neat design that allows the user to have multiple guns chambered in varying calibers with only one serial number. Interested in more specs on the P320? Find out more here! 

sig p320

Now on to the big question, why was this gun chosen for Handgun of the Year over the other designs? I prefer hammer fired pistols from H&K and Sig Sauer, but when it comes to striker fired guns, I tend to lean toward the newer designs because they essentially fixed the flaws in the previous weapon lines. I like the H&K VP9 and The Walther PPQ, but what I find fascinating in the Sig P320 is it’s modularity. This feature is like none I have seen so far. Having the ability to switch out the chassis to another frame size and caliber is something special. Think of Law Enforcement agencies with tight budgets that purchase the P320 and can now offer their officers a range of flexibility depending on the circumstance. I believe that speaks volumes, and I believe the concept is growing in popularity.

American Rifleman awarded the Sig P320 the Golden Bullseye award for Handgun of the Year, and for good reason. For a company that continues to innovate and change the way we know and feel about firearms, it’s safe to say that no matter what type of Sig Sauer you are interested in, you’ll feel confident when it counts.

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Walther PPQ vs H&K VP9

The handgun, a marvelous wonder of achievement. From the early days of the flintlock pistols all the way to the plastic fantastic versions of today, you can’t deny the evolution of the handgun is taking place before our very eyes. Some of the most state of the art advancements have come in the form of striker fired handguns. After feedback from our customers we’ve decided to give you this matchup, the Walther PPQ vs the H&K VP9.

First, a little history. The striker fired system in firearms isn’t all that new, the first striker fired weapon was a shotgun designed by a Daniel Lefever in 1878. The striker fired design started becoming more popular in the late 70s into the 80s. One of the first semi successful designs was the H&K VP70. It was a polymer framed, striker fired handgun that held 17 rounds of ammunition. Ironic that the same company is now making an updated version/iteration of the VP model: the VP9. The VP9 is the latest offering from Heckler and Koch. The company first started making striker fired handguns back in the 70s and 80s with the VP70 and the P7 squeeze cocker. But the company began to stray away from those designs and focused on hammer fired designs like the H&K USP and the P30. Recently, the company began to enter the race to compete with its other German rival the Walther PPQ.

The Walther PPQ is an updated version/ iteration of the companies’ successful P99 series of handguns. One of the awe-inspiring attributes that accompany this handgun is the trigger. The trigger on the PPQ is a refined and polished version of a Glock style trigger. People who have fired Glocks before know that a new Glock tends to have some creep in the trigger that will get better over time. The Walther on the other hand has refined the trigger from the factory and allows the shooter to make accurate shots while not having to “break in” a trigger from the start. One of the other pros of the Walther PPQ is the ergonomics of the design. The developers over at Walther wanted to create a certain angle and feel to their grip so that the gun simply melts into your hand and points instinctively. This is a big selling point for the PPQ. For more information on the Walther PPQ Click Here.





Now, here comes the VP9 from H&K. The VP9 takes the same characteristics, and tweaks them some to their benefit. The design of the VP9 is a variation of the companies’ P30 design. The main difference between the P30 and the VP9 is the striker fired operation, whereas the P30 is hammer fired.  The VP9 has the ability to swap out backstraps as well as side panels on the gun giving the user a plethora of options to choose from to suit their hand size. Now the trigger on the VP9 is the main selling point. The trigger is crisp, and smooth, but breaks a little later compared to the Walther PPQ. As far as both the PPQ and VP9 triggers go, I’d say they are pretty close in comparison.



In my opinion it would just have to come down to personal preference whether you go with the PPQ or the VP9. Between the two designs, you can’t go wrong. Both are top-tier German manufacturing at their finest. However, if the only thing it comes down to is your pocketbook, then I would seriously look at the Walther PPQ. The PPQ does everything the H&K does for a little less. Now, if you just love the design and characteristics of the VP9 and realize that you are getting what is essentially a more affordable P30, then check out the H&K VP9 series. Either way you win, you just have to decide which one is up to the task!

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The All New Walther PPQ 45

Walther PPQ 45

Walther PPQ 45

The Walther PPQ 45 is considered by Walther to be their “Flagship” weapon and features the latest in innovation and technology for centerfire pistols.

Walther PPQ 45

The Walther PPQ 45 is virtually identical to its’ M2 counterparts, but is designed specifically to please the gun buyer looking for that extra bit of stopping power from the .45 ACP. The Walther PPQ 45 features 3-Dot Polymer Sights for rapid aiming and target acquisition. The rear sight is adjustable to compensate for windage, and both sights are low-profiled and tapered to reduce snagging on clothes. The trigger is Walther’s patented “Police Pistol Quick Defense Trigger” (which is also were the PPQ name comes from) and consists of a 4.8-5.6 lbs. trigger pull. The trigger only has .4” of travel with .1” of reset which enables shooters to quickly implement accurate follow-on shots.

Walther PPQ 45

The most predominate part of the Walther PPQ 45 that almost every gun buyer and shooter points out is the outstanding ergonomic grip. The cross-direction grip surface and comfortable palm and finger groves provide extra grip and support to enhance control and mitigate shot displacement. This added control also helps shooters manage recoil with extreme ease. This feature also enables quicker follow-on shots. The Walther PPQ 45 features interchangeable backstraps (standard & large) to customize the grip personally to your hands.
The lower receiver features a picatinny rail system that enables shooters to quickly mount any optional accessories, such as a flashlight and/or laser, to accommodate different shooting environments. The upper receiver features Walther’s new Slide Serrations, both on the front and rear, that provide a non-slip surface when manipulating the slide with absolute ease and control.

Walther PPQ 45

All of these features that come standard on the new Walther PPQ 45 provide a level of performance that is needed in most urban and tactical environments. This may also be why it is used specifically, not only by the German Police Force, but other law enforcement agencies and militaries around the world.

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Springfield XDs 9mm Essentials

Springfield XDs 9mm

The Springfield XDs 9mm Essentials Package

Springfield XDs 9mm

The Springfield XDs 9mm has proven to be an outstanding firearm in the sub-compact category. In-fact, as previously stated in the “Top 4 Contenders” blog post, it’s stated that the Springfield XDs 9mm is one of our top selling firearms. As most of us all know, if you purchase a Springfield, they hook you very generously with extra magazines, gun and magazine holsters, a hi-quality gun case, and extra fiber-optic sights; basically, everything you would ever need. But for the gun buyer shopping on a budget and to help make the cost much more economical, Springfield offers a package just the essential things you would need to get started. And the name of the infamous package? You guessed it, it’s the Springfield XD-S Essentials Package, and its comes available in both 9mm and 45 ACP.

From the factory, the Springfield XDs Essentials are packed in a hi-quality hard case, and include two magazines (one is an extended magazine and one is flush fitting), bore brush, and extra fiber optic front sights (in both red and green). Not too bad for an “essentials” package, right? And, its priced competitively with the other big names who manufacturer single stack handguns.

The Characteristics of the XD-S

XD-S Essentials

This may sound repetitive from my previous blog when I compared the XDs 9mm with the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, Glock 43, and Ruger LC9, but I would still like you to know how great of a firearm this really is. The first thing that stands out is the aggressive stippling that wraps around the entire pistol grip. When you first put in your hand, you notice right away the solidity it presents as you grip it. To me, it has the most predominate feeling of a weapon of any other polymer gun I have ever held. When I first shot with it, I noticed that since each stipple is so big, it actually has its own flat surface which still made my sweaty hands slip a bit when managing the recoil. This is a small draw-back considering its main competitors barely have stippled grips to begin with. With that being said, after I threw on my set of shooting gloves, the stippling proved to be much more affective than any other polymer pistols I have ever shot.

Springfield XDs 9mm

One thing that I love about the Springfield XDs 9mm is the sights. The front sight comes stock with a Red Fiber Optic, as well as extra Red AND Green (or yellow) replacements for you to swap out for different environments. It also comes with one extended magazine which compliments those with larger hands very nicely. The trigger has a crisp, clean break after you take up the small amount of creep, and the reset is just as short and quick. The Springfield XD-S 9mm weighs in at about 23 oz., which isn’t too bad. And lets not forget the back-strap safety which is great added feature to mitigate against accidental discharge. This means your hand will have to be physically gripping the gun for the trigger to be able to engage and actually fire. Overall the Springfield XDs 9mm is an excellent choice for concealment and carry for purposes of self-defense. Should you decide to go with it, the Springfield XD-S Essentials Package definitely gives you a truly outstanding bang-for-your-buck. Click here for full Specs.

XD-S Essentials

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