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Springfield XDs .45 ACP Essentials

Springfield XDs .45 ACP

The Springfield XDs .45 ACP Essentials

The Springfield XDs .45 ACP is hands down one of the most outstanding sub-compact carry 45’s available on the market today. When it was introduced in 2012, it re-wrote the rules of what we, as gun buyers, were allowed to carry when trying to find that perfect “smallest and most powerful” concealment firearm. Before this was unveiled, we were bound by small calibers if we wanted to carry incognito. But times have changed.


Springfield XDs .45 ACP

One thing that has been left unchanged, however, is the unique value that Springfield XDs .45 ACP has to offer. Traditionally, the package included a paddle holster for the gun, a 2-magazine belt holster, extra fiber optic front sights, a bore brush, and a hi-quality gun case that kept it all organized and together. Today, Springfield offers a more economically priced package for this firearm and it only includes what they consider “essential.” And this package happens to be branded The Essentials Package.

What the Springfield XDs .45 ACP Essentials Package Includes

Springfield XDs .45 ACP

This Essentials Package includes the same hi-quality firearm, 2 magazines (one flush mount and one extended mag), the extra Fiber Optic front sights (one Red and one Green/Yellow), the standard bore brush, 1 extra backstrap, and its own slightly smaller but still great quality hard gun case. Not a bad way to get started, right? I can assure you that the bang for buck value is second to none as well compared to other packages out there. Especially at prices!

The Springfield XDs .45 ACP Gun Features

Springfield XDs .45 ACP

Instantly when you see it, XDs .45 pretty much looks exactly like its smaller counterpart, the XDs 9mm. (Except there’s a bigger hole at the end of it!) The aggressive stippling wraps all the way around the pistol grip to provide an outstanding positive grip to help manage and mitigate recoil.  The trigger has a crisp, clean break after you take up the small amount of creep, and the reset is just as short and quick. The Springfield XD-S .45 ACP weighs in at about 23 oz., which isn’t too bad, and let’s not forget the back-strap safety which is a great added feature to mitigate against accidental discharge. This means your hand will have to be physically gripping the gun for the trigger to able to engage and fire.

Overall, the Springfield XDs .45 ACP is a great sub-compact pistol for carry and concealment, and self-defense purposes. It is just an overall great pistol to take out for a fun day of sending rounds down range. Click here for a complete list of specifications and pick yours up at today!

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The Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact

Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact

The Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact

The Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact is an outstanding choice for carry and concealment. Available in both 9mm and .40 S&W, it is extremely small, light-weight, and incredibly accurate.

Why this is a great firearm for Carry and Concealment

First of all, the overall size of the Springfield XD 9mm Sub-Compact is only 4.75” tall by 6.25” making this an incredibly small firearm. It isn’t the smallest sub-compact on the market, but at this size it is still capable of holding 13+1 rounds! Throw on the extended magazine (which kicks it up to 5.5” tall) and now you have 16+1 rounds for a fun day at the gun range!

Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact

The Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact is made of a light-weight polymer lower receiver with aggressive Grip-Zone stippling at the front and rear of the pistol grip.  At the front of the lower receiver, Springfield as included a small picitinny rail system that is designed t0 accommodate for accessories such as a flashlight or target laser. These added features make it an outstanding choice for home defense during night-time situations.

Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact

The upper receiver is Forged Steel that is coated in a black Melonite finish. This finish protects it for a long lasting life against the elements, especially if you live near water or high-humid environments. Inside is a 3” Hammer Forged barrel with a 1:10 twist. This provides incredible accuracy to respectable distances while not having to lug around a 4” or more barrel.  At 26 oz. with the compact flush-mount magazine (unloaded) it is easy to carry around without it being a hassle.

Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact 

Safety Features

There is one thing that makes a Springfield firearm standout among the rest, and that is its abundance of safety and redundancy features that are built right into the gun. At the back end of the pistol grip is a Back-Strap Safety (also known as grip-safety). This ensures that the shooter’s hand must acquire a full positive grip on the firearm before one of the safety mechanisms will be disengaged. Second, the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System means that active placement of the trigger finger on the trigger, and positive grip to disengage the back-strap safety, must BOTH be implemented for the weapon to be fired.

Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact

There is also a Loaded Chamber Indicator and Striker Status Indicator, letting the shooter know exactly what Condition the firearm is in.  All of these features are designed to not only make the firearm safer, but also provide confidence in the shooter. This also forces the shooter to hold the firearm the correct way with a nice high-firm pistol grip, which also improves accuracy and consistency. Click here to learn more.


Overall, The Springfield XD MOD.2 Sub-Compact is a great choice for anyone looking for a firearm for carry and concealment, without having to sacrifice round capacity.

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Springfield XDs 9mm Essentials

Springfield XDs 9mm

The Springfield XDs 9mm Essentials Package

Springfield XDs 9mm

The Springfield XDs 9mm has proven to be an outstanding firearm in the sub-compact category. In-fact, as previously stated in the “Top 4 Contenders” blog post, it’s stated that the Springfield XDs 9mm is one of our top selling firearms. As most of us all know, if you purchase a Springfield, they hook you very generously with extra magazines, gun and magazine holsters, a hi-quality gun case, and extra fiber-optic sights; basically, everything you would ever need. But for the gun buyer shopping on a budget and to help make the cost much more economical, Springfield offers a package just the essential things you would need to get started. And the name of the infamous package? You guessed it, it’s the Springfield XD-S Essentials Package, and its comes available in both 9mm and 45 ACP.

From the factory, the Springfield XDs Essentials are packed in a hi-quality hard case, and include two magazines (one is an extended magazine and one is flush fitting), bore brush, and extra fiber optic front sights (in both red and green). Not too bad for an “essentials” package, right? And, its priced competitively with the other big names who manufacturer single stack handguns.

The Characteristics of the XD-S

XD-S Essentials

This may sound repetitive from my previous blog when I compared the XDs 9mm with the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, Glock 43, and Ruger LC9, but I would still like you to know how great of a firearm this really is. The first thing that stands out is the aggressive stippling that wraps around the entire pistol grip. When you first put in your hand, you notice right away the solidity it presents as you grip it. To me, it has the most predominate feeling of a weapon of any other polymer gun I have ever held. When I first shot with it, I noticed that since each stipple is so big, it actually has its own flat surface which still made my sweaty hands slip a bit when managing the recoil. This is a small draw-back considering its main competitors barely have stippled grips to begin with. With that being said, after I threw on my set of shooting gloves, the stippling proved to be much more affective than any other polymer pistols I have ever shot.

Springfield XDs 9mm

One thing that I love about the Springfield XDs 9mm is the sights. The front sight comes stock with a Red Fiber Optic, as well as extra Red AND Green (or yellow) replacements for you to swap out for different environments. It also comes with one extended magazine which compliments those with larger hands very nicely. The trigger has a crisp, clean break after you take up the small amount of creep, and the reset is just as short and quick. The Springfield XD-S 9mm weighs in at about 23 oz., which isn’t too bad. And lets not forget the back-strap safety which is great added feature to mitigate against accidental discharge. This means your hand will have to be physically gripping the gun for the trigger to be able to engage and actually fire. Overall the Springfield XDs 9mm is an excellent choice for concealment and carry for purposes of self-defense. Should you decide to go with it, the Springfield XD-S Essentials Package definitely gives you a truly outstanding bang-for-your-buck. Click here for full Specs.

XD-S Essentials

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The M&P Shield from Smith & Wesson

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

The Smith and Wesson M&P Shield has undoubtedly solidified a foundation for itself as one of the premier sub-compact pistols for carry and concealment and self defense. Available in both 9mm and .40 S&W, it is ideal for anyone seeking that extra bit of security in less than favorable environments.

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

Perfect for Concealment

The Smith and Wesson M&P Shield consists of a slim-lined single-stack frame that is just shy of 1” wide, and the short 3.1” barrel is ideal for close proximity self defense applications. This also means that the imprint it leaves under your clothing is almost non-existent. The Lower Receiver is polymer-based and extremely light-weight. The pistol grip contains both front and rear rough contoured grip pads that are designed to enable shooters to maintain a good positive grip while firing. One of the great things about the pistol grip is that its ergonomically angled and molded into the lower receiver so the the overall profile height and center of gravity sits low in your hand. This grip position is designed to mitigate up-and-reward recoil and allows shooters to more accurately re-engage targets with extreme ease and accuracy.

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

The Upper Receiver is made out of high-quality stainless steel and is coated with a corrosion resistant Black finish.  Along the slide, there are serration grooves that are cut out to allow for a much more positive grip when manipulating the slide during operations. Also, keep in mind that the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield offers 2 different Standard Models – One with the Manual Thumb Safety, and one without. It is important to choose the one that best suites you and your experience, keeping in mind that those that opt for the No Thumb Safety should do so with confidence knowing that the best safety on a weapon is your trigger finger ; )

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

On a personal note, as an avid shooter and gun buyer myself, I in-fact own a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, and I can tell you first hand that it is an outstanding firearm, and is extremely accurate. As I stated in the first paragraph, it is ergonomically perfect in my hand (and most hands that I have allowed to shoot it) and the “felt-recoil” is very small. This enables me to apply additional follow-on shots with great speed and accuracy; which is ultimately what you want out of a high quality firearm for self defense.

The other characteristic that makes the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield so accurate is its outstanding trigger. You will find there is very little travel when applying rearward pressure. It also presents a nice, solid and clean break at about 6.5 lbs. and takes almost no distance of travel to reset. One thing that most gun buyers love about the Shield is that this is an economically priced pistol that you can actually modify in the future should you wish to do so. (Like dropping in a lighter more competition grade trigger!) This gives shooters the ability to actually grow and modify their pistols without having to completely purchase a new one.  There is also an abundance of aftermarket sights and accessories that exist for this pistol as well. (Don’t forget to check for supply of extra magazines, night-sights, and lasers). One thing that Smith and Wesson does include with every Shield you order is 2 magazines; one extended 8rd mag, and one flush 7rd mag.

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

Overall, the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield is ideally suited for gun buyers looking for a small, concealable firearm with an accurate punch. Also, like all Smith and Wessons, it is backed by their lifetime warranty. Kinda’ nice knowing that if anything goes wrong with it over its’ entire lifetime Smith and Wesson will be there to take care of you, right? Click here for more additional information and specifications.

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Sub Compact Pistols – Top 4 Contenders

Sub Compact Pistols - Top 4 Contenders

Some of the most popular items that we sell, are Sub Compact Pistols. Often times at, we receive phone-calls from valued customers requesting information on carry and concealment firearms. Predominately, customers are asking about the differences between the Glock 43, the Ruger LC9s, and the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, and XD-S, hence the Top 4 Sub Compact Pistols. With all these different models to choose from, how do you make the best selection for you when buying online?

First of all, when doing any comparison between firearms, disregard price until the very end. The first thing you want to do if possible is pick up the gun and see how it feels in your hand. One of the biggest issues involving accuracy is how the weapon fits in your hand, both in comfort and functioning ergonomics. An improper fitting weapon will almost always give you the worst results when it comes to accuracy and consistency. But again, you are buying online and may have no idea what these firearms feel like, so I will do my best to inform you.


The Ruger LC9s

Starting with the Ruger LC9s, right away you will notice that the pistol grip is extremely thin, and even thinner around the upper neck of the grip. For someone with very small hands this is a great factor. It is also great for concealment purposes as well. However, with my “medium sized” grip, I find myself adjusting my grip and taking extra time to make it feel “right.” This is something you should be aware of. If you are taking extra conscious time trying to make the weapon feel “right” in your hand, it is most likely not the right one for you. It should feel “right” the instant you grip the weapon the correct way. One thing I did notice is that the slide has a very low profile as it sits on my hand. This is a great thing when having to compensate for recoil because the lower the center of gravity is in your hand, the less “violent” the recoil will feel. This will also cause the force of the recoil to be absorbed throughout your entire arm, and not up-and-back out of your hand. The easier it is to manage recoil, the easier it will be to accurately re-engage your target as fast as possible.

Another thing I noticed is the amount of “creep” there is in the trigger before you feel that solid “click” and the action is engaged. This isn’t entirely a bad thing; in fact, some people actually prefer the extra creep in the trigger because it helps them maintain their focus and constancy. But for others, having that extra travel before the trigger engages is more time for something to go wrong. Having that extra pull in the trigger could cause a slight change in your grip, which could potentially throw off your shot. The amount of movement needed to reset the trigger for your next shot is considerably long as well with the LC9s, making you take more time to re-engage your target. Other than that, it is a good all around firearm. It is made with high quality polymer and metal finishing, and the sights are extremely easy to see as well. It is also backed by Ruger’s lifetime Warranty. Click here for full Specs.

Sub Compact Pistols LC9s

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

Moving on to the next Sub Compact Pistol we have the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield. This particular firearm comes in both 9mm and .40 S&W and a huge amount of different performance variations. I particularly love this firearm and personally own one in 9mm, though I will try to be as unbiased in my review as possible. As you grip this particular firearm, you will noticed that it has much bigger grip compared to the Ruger LC9s. With someone with medium sized hands like I do, or larger, this may be a better choice for you than the Ruger. Your bottom 3 fingers wont feel as cramped either with the standard extended magazine that comes with it. Smith and Wesson unfortunately only gives you one of these, the other is just a flush mag; which is good for concealment purposes, but you may struggle to keep your pinky on the grip if you have larger hands. You will also notice the texture on the grip, which is great if your hand tends to get sweaty when out at the range. One thing you will notice is that the M&P Shield is the largest of the four firearms in this review. It sits the “tallest” in your hand, so the recoil will be a little more noticeably compared to the other 2, but one of the biggest advantages this gun has is its outstanding trigger. There is about ¼ the amount of creep in it compared to the Ruger LC9s, and the reset is equally as impressive. The other thing you will notice too is the solid “click” when the trigger engages the action. It isn’t as soft as the Ruger and extremely crisp. I can tell you I hold better groupings with this gun than compared to the Ruger because my trigger finger moves half as much when engaging my targets. The sights on the M&P Shields are extremely clear and visible as well, providing ease of proper sight alignment.

Overall, like I said, I own one of these badboys and would recommend it to everyone. The polymer pistol grip feels solid and the metal finishing’s hold up very well over time as well. And, like all Smith and Wesson’s, it is also backed by a lifetime warranty. But again, if you are looking for the smallest choice for concealment purposes, then remember that it is the largest of the 3. Click here for full Specs.

Sub Compact Pistols Shield

Springfield XD-S

Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, the Springfield XD-S is a versatile Sub Compact Pistols. Immediately when you see the XD-S, the first thing that stands out is the aggressive stippling that wraps around the pistol grip. You will also notice the solid feel it presents as you grip it in your hand, much more predominate, I feel, than the other 3 models in this review. However, it does seem like the stippling is overly aggressive – each stippling ridge is so big that they each seem to have their own flat surface, defeating the purpose to accommodate for a sweaty hand (my moderately sweaty grip still slipped). This feature was much more to noticeable when wearing gloves. One thing the I love about the Springfield XD-S is the sights. The front sight comes stock with a Red Fiber Optic, as well as extra Red AND Green replacements for you to swap out for different environments. It also comes with one extended magazine as well which is very nice. The trigger has a crisp, clean break after you take up the small amount of creep, and the reset is just as short and quick. The Springfield XD-S weighs the most however at about 23 oz., which is only 3 oz. heavier than the next heaviest, which is the Shield, so not too bad. Just keep that in mind. But an excellent choice should you decide to go with it. Click here for full Specs.

Sub Compact Pistols XDS

Glock 43

Now on to the fourth and final firearm of this review – the Glock 43. While being the newest to market of single stack sub-compacts, it has already become one of the most popular of Sub Compact Pistols. Like any Glock, it is almost guaranteed that it will feel perfect in your hand. It has a nice full grip, and a lower center of gravity in your hand, much like the LC9s, and provides a great ergonomic fit for recoil management. It also comes standard with 1 pinky-extension magazine, and one flush mag. It is roughly almost the exact same size as the LC9s, though like I said, it has a much more “full” grip that includes the new Gen4 stippling and enlarged magazine release. Sadly though, it has a little more creep in the trigger than the Shield. However, the reset is slightly shorter than the Shield, making it slightly quicker to re-engage your targets. The standard Glock sights, though not my favorite, still are relatively easy to sight in. Overall, it feels pretty good in your hand, as long as you are using the pinky extension magazine. The Glock 43 also comes in as the lightest among this review at 16.2 oz., beating out the Ruger LC9s by about a 1/2 oz. Overall, like the other 3, the polymer pistol grip feels tough and durable as well as the metal finishings. Click here for full Specs.

Sub Compact Pistols Glock 43

Final Note

As you can see, there is some similarities as well as some very distinct differences between these four models. This could also explain why they are our top 4 best sellers here at Know that whatever choice you make out of these Top 4 Sub Compact Pistols, you are going to end up with an excellent firearm that is both consistent, and reliable.

I hope this helps you in your selections and feel fee to call us at for more information.