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Sig P320: Handgun Of The Year 2016

Everybody wants to create the best of the best, and the folks at NRA’s American Rifleman have said that Sig Sauer has taken the cake with the Sig P320 winning the Golden Bullseye Handgun of the Year. Check out the full list of Bullseye Awards Here! The wonders of innovation and design, one could not live without the other, they go together like wine and cheese. Business’ success relies on this fundamental practice. When it comes to the firearms industry, innovation is how a company keeps up with your competition. Sig Sauer is constantly doing just that.

The Sig P320 is the newest handgun from Sig Sauer. The interesting and innovative design behind this pistol takes the best qualities of the P250 design and creates a striker fired version. First off, let’s go over the differences between the P250 and the P320. The P250 was Sig Sauer’s answer to a modular handgun system that utilizes a serialized chassis that was double action only. This set up allows the end user to change frame sizes and calibers if need be. The gun was a success for awhile until people didn’t care for the double action mechanism. After feedback from customers on what they would prefer on the next design, the folks at Sig Sauer took the input to heart and eventually came up with the Sig P320. The P320 is similar to the P250 but lacks the double action mechanism and implements the more popular striker fired mechanism. The chassis is removable and allows the user to switch calibers and frame sizes. All in all it’s a neat design that allows the user to have multiple guns chambered in varying calibers with only one serial number. Interested in more specs on the P320? Find out more here! 

sig p320

Now on to the big question, why was this gun chosen for Handgun of the Year over the other designs? I prefer hammer fired pistols from H&K and Sig Sauer, but when it comes to striker fired guns, I tend to lean toward the newer designs because they essentially fixed the flaws in the previous weapon lines. I like the H&K VP9 and The Walther PPQ, but what I find fascinating in the Sig P320 is it’s modularity. This feature is like none I have seen so far. Having the ability to switch out the chassis to another frame size and caliber is something special. Think of Law Enforcement agencies with tight budgets that purchase the P320 and can now offer their officers a range of flexibility depending on the circumstance. I believe that speaks volumes, and I believe the concept is growing in popularity.

American Rifleman awarded the Sig P320 the Golden Bullseye award for Handgun of the Year, and for good reason. For a company that continues to innovate and change the way we know and feel about firearms, it’s safe to say that no matter what type of Sig Sauer you are interested in, you’ll feel confident when it counts.

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MK25 P226 Self Defense Sig Sauer Tactical Handgun

Sig Sauer MK25

Sig Sauer MK25

Sig Sauer MK25

The Sig Sauer MK25 is best known for being the sidearm of choice for the US NAVY SEALs. It is pretty much a high-performance P226 that has been modified to handle some of the toughest elements in today’s combat environments.

Sig Sauer MK25

What’s the difference between the MK25 and a standard P226?

At first glance they both look very similar, except the MK25 features SIGLITE Night Sights, as well as Department of Defense Universal Identification Numbers (DoD UID) and the laser engraved Anchor on the slide to commemorate its years of dedication the US NAVY has offered to it.  Internally however, it is quite different. All of the internal components, minus the springs, have been considerably upgraded. This includes a barrel that has been not only chrome-lined, but nickel and phosphate plated as well. Even the magazines are coated in a phosphate finish. The decocker, mag release and ejector are all carbon-steel, and the recoil spring guide-rod, which is plastic on most P226’s, has also been upgraded to carbon-steel. All of which are designed to handle harsh salt-water environments. Another important difference is that every MK25 comes with a card certifying its authenticity as a collector pistol.

When the Sig Sauer MK25 was first introduced to the civilian market, it was simply known as the P226 NAVY. The P226 NAVY was essentially the same as the MK25 except it didn’t come with the SIGLITE Night Sights. When Sig Saur re-released the new model, they added the night sights and called it the MK25, which is its official military name designation. This may also be where the confusion started as to where Sig has been placing the DoD UID labels on the slide! It has been pointed out by many customers that their new NAVY and/or MK25’s have been featuring the UID labels on both sides of the slide. Even on Sig’s website, the MK25 features the UID on the right side of the pistol, however customers have been posting photos with it on the left (Anchor) side of the slide.

SIg Sauer MK25

*I CALLED SIG SAUER DIRECTLY (03/14/16) and they stated that it’s just a simple inconsistency that occurs during the manufacturing process as to what side the labels are put on.

**Most of the ones that Sig has supplied us at have the the UID label featured on the “anchor” side.



The Sig Sauer MK25 is a DA/SA 9mm military-spec’d pistol with an aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel slide. It features a 4.4” barrel with an overall size of 7.7” inches long, 5.5” tall, and 1.5” wide. Coming in at about 34 ½ oz., it doesn’t feel like some lightweight plastic pistol, it definitely feels like you are holding a weapon in your hand. The trigger pulls are set at 10 lbs. for DA and 4.4 lbs. for SA, but consists of an amazingly short reset length. With Sig Sauer’s own SIGLITE Night Sights and ergonomically-maximized grip, it is extremely simple to accurately engage targets at virtually any distance. The lower receiver is coated in a Black Hard Anodized finish and the slide is coated with Nitron to help protect it from corrosion. As stated before, even the 3 – 15rd double-stack magazines are coated in a protective phosphate finish to ensure long lasting durability. Click here for a more detailed list of specifications.

Sig Sauer MK25

Whether you plan on shooting this pistol regularly at the range, or just simply want to purchase it for its authentic collector value, the Sig Sauer MK25 it is a fine piece to have in any collection.

With its’ high quality design and ability to perform in any environment, wet or dry, it is no wonder it is one the first choices among many who serve.

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