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The Remington 700

Remington 700

The Remington 700

The Remington 700 is by far one of the most recognizable rifle platforms in the world today. Whether you choose to use for hunting or precision marksmanship, it is deadly accurate and consistent right out of the box.

When I became a member of the Scout Sniper Platoon and was a we little “PIG” (Professionally Instructed Gunman) I had to learn the M40A5 weapon system as if it was an extension of my own body. The title and nomenclature of each part of the rifle was engraved and beaten into me so hard that 5 years later I can still tell you what the definition of a Radian is. I miss my old M40 and the brothers from the platoon, but now that I’m out, I wanted something I can shoot so I can maintain the skills that were engrained in me so that they wouldn’t fade away. Being that a full combat ready M40A5 costs around $10,000, I needed to choose something with a little more bang for my buck since this would be coming out of my own pocket. The best choice to me is without a doubt, the Remington 700.


So what’s the difference between a Remington 700 and an M40A5?

Honestly…. Everything…. and nothing….

An M40A5 platform is actually based on the Remington 700 and has been so precisely modified for combat with better components, rifling, scope, trigger, stock…. (you get my point) that you can truly notice the difference. However, the concept design, operating platform, and how you as a shooter apply the FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKSMANSHIP are absolutely identical. So when I needed to choose a platform that I could afford as a civilian it was, naturally, my go-to choice.

Remington 700

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Now, the M40A5 comes standard in only 1 rifle length, and that’s 25” not counting the muzzle break. But a civilian Remington 700 comes in a variety of different lengths ranging from 16.5” to 26”. This is something that I wish was offered while I was still in the military, because carrying a shorter barreled rifle that has a 1:10 twist is a hell of a lot easier than carrying a 25” + rifle with a 1:12 twist.  Having this variety of choices in rifle lengths is outstanding depending on the type of shooting you prefer. (Example: many (but not all) hog hunters traditionally like to choose shorter barrels while big-game hunters generally like to shoot with longer barrels.) Whatever you prefer as a shooter, Remington has got your covered.

If you prefer a rifle more suited for hunting with a light weight design, Remington offers the 700 in the ADL, BDL, and CDL variants. These platforms generally consist of Premium Grade Wood Stocks and thin, light-weight “pencil” barrels. These are outstanding choices for hunters because they are durable, light-weight, and extremely accurate.

Remington 700

Then you have the thick, heavy “bull barrels.” These variants consist of heavier barrel designs that are optimized for precision marksmanship, especially with extremely long distances. The thicker barrel design holds more consistency in shot placement which enables you to make more accurate adjustments. Remember, “Consistency is Accuracy.”  A lot of these variants even come with Premium Grade After-market Composite Stocks that are ergonomically optimized for precision marksmanship purposes.  Remington even offers a Tactical specific line-up that also consists of their SPS models. Some of these models even come with a threaded muzzle, which is perfect for compensators, flash-hiders, and suppressors. They also have the “Police” model which is based on the platform that today’s SWAT Sharp Shooters are known to use.

Remington 700 Police

So when it came time for me as a civilian to build my own personal Precision Rifle, the Remington 700 SPS Tactical is the platform I chose. I also chose it in the new 16.5” Barrel variant.

There is lots of discussion as to what type of barrel length is better optimized for precision marksmanship. Some shooters prefer to shoot with what they traditionally know, the 26” barrel, because that’s what they were trained on; while some lean more towards a 20”. But lately there have been a few shooters that have decided to wonder into “uncharted territory” and discovered that an 18”, and even a 16.5” barrel can be just as accurate. Why? Because simply increasing the rate of twist in the rifling you essentially produce very similar results. Shorter barrels are also lighter, easier to carry, and easier to manipulate. There is one caveat, however. You get one hell of a muzzle flash as soon as you start going shorter than 20”. As far as accuracy goes, I have been able to hit at 1000 yards, first round impact on a 10” plate, with a 16.5” barrel. Everyone has their own style and preference of shooting, and the great thing is that YOU get to decide exactly what you want to shoot!

As you can see in this video below, accuracy is not an issue with a 16.5” barrel. This is my Remington 700 engaging at 6” plates at 325 yards from a modified roof-top position.

My Personal Remington 700 .308 Precision Rifle Platform

-Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16.5” Barrel

-New Magpul Hunter 700 Stock

-Surefire ProComp Muzzle Break

-Vortex Viper HST 6-24×50 MRAD

-Remington 20moa scope base

-Burris Tactical Rings

-Harris Bipods

-2 lb. trigger

Remington 700

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Whether your shooting style is Hunting or Precision Marksmanship, I highly recommend a Remington 700 when considering your next rifle platform. Click here to see the many models offered.

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Stay Sharp-Shooters!