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Heckler & Koch VP9 : The History of the H&K VP Series

One of our most popular handguns right now is the Heckler & Koch Vp9. The key to success in the business world is to adapt and change with the times. Granted, there are products that a company produces that develop a following that will span decades, but every so often a company decides to take a turn and try something new; when they do the possibilities are endless. One such company did this about 35 years ago . The company I’m referring to is Heckler & Koch. Now for a brief history of one of H&K’s famous designs that predates the Glock system by 12 years.

The first gun in the series I’ll discuss is the H&K VP70. The VP70 was designed in 1970 and was the first polymer handgun to be produced. The VP70 was considered a machine pistol when used with the stock which allowed the shooter to select a three round burst mode. The VP70 had a cyclic rate of 2200 rpm , when the stock was not attached, it acted as a holster for the pistol. The VP70 is a striker-fired handgun, the same as a Glock, Smith M&P, Walther PPQ, and more popular handguns of today. The VP70 held a staggering 17 rounds in its magazine, unheard of  during those times. Remember the handgun of the time that was considered to be “high capacity” was the Browning Hi -Power. The VP70 was the first polymer handgun for the company as well as their first striker fired mechanism.heckler & koch vp9

Hecker & Koch decided to move away from the polymer framed pistol for a while and focused on another design that is not part of the VP series, but is a striker fired pistol called the P7 squeeze cocker. This design was made in 1976 and was made of metal rather than polymer. The P7 was a gas blow-back that utilized a piston system.  The user would cock the gun with the lever on the front of the pistol grip. The term Squeeze Cocker was given due to the mode of operation in order to cock the striker system. The P7 shares similarities to the VP70 with the striker mechanism, but deviated from the polymer construction. The gun became very expensive to produce and the company began looking for a newer system to develop for the military and law enforcement markets.

Fast forward to 2015, and the company has come full circle back to what made them unique and desirable in the first place. For many years H&K went on to produce hammer fired versions with polymer construction, all with the same excellent craftsmanship. These models include the USP (Universal Self Loading Pistol) and the P2000 and P30. However, the company decided to, once again, enter the fray with their striker fired system in order to contend with the multiple companies producing striker fired pistols on the regular. So what does a successful company do to stay relevant yet retain their reputation at the same time, they combined the best of both worlds in the Heckler & Koch VP9.heckler & koch vp9

The VP9 is the creation of many designs before it with some added flair. The VP9, on the outside looks similar to the P30 design. The P30 is a hammer fired design that incorporates interchangeable backstraps and side panels. The Heckler & Koch VP9 incorporates these design elements while maintaining the striker fired mechanism. By doing this, the company has created a product that is not only more affordable and appealing to the customer, but also allows the shooter to shoot with confidence due to its ergonomic grips which are natural to the hand allowing for accurate shot placement. The modularity of the interchangeable backstraps and side panels increases the versatility of this firearm and makes it an excellent pick for just about any shooter. Purchase your VP9 for a steal!heckler & koch vp9

While not resting on their laurels, the company has developed different variants of the Heckler & Koch VP9 including an LE model that includes night sights and three magazines. Another version features a FDE (flat dark earth) frame. They have also introduced a VP9 Tactical model that includes a threaded barrel. Another model Heckler & Koch introduced within the VP Series is the .40S&W version, dubbed the H&K VP40. Whatever your preference, H&K has got you covered, and with such a rich history of innovation and design, there’s no question why so many have chosen H&K firearms as their go to choice. Just remember H&K’s old saying, “In a world of compromise, some don’t”. Click Here for more info on H&K’s entire pistol lineup.

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The VP9 from H&K


The H&K VP9

When the H&K VP9 first hit the market in 2014 it sky-rocketed in popularity and sales for self defense and protection. But before we talk more about the pistol, lets take a moment and learn a little about Gun History.


During WWII, The German forces were having trouble trying to find a manufacturer that could produce a reliable pistol that could make up for the ones that were being lost at an incredible rate during wartime operations. The predominate model that they had at the time was the famous Luger, and those were constantly being confiscated by allied troops at an astounding rate (especially as war trophies like the one your great-grandfather has). Germany needed to replenish those losses as fast as possible by designing a pistol that was not only reliable, but could also be designed simple enough to be manufactured at a high-production rate. The term that was coined to identify this new endeavor was “Volkspistol,” translated as the “Peoples Pistol.” These projects to design the new Volkspistol didn’t just get allocated to one manufacturer. That is why you can find the Volkspistol name attached to firearms by manufactures like Walther and Mauser, which are both German based companies just like H&K.  Eventually those manufactures did produce their own versions (one of the most famous ones was the Walther VP)… And that’s how the name VP was established. Volkspistol was shorted to just VP.

*As a side note… most gun buyers have pointed out the the new VP9 looks very similar to the new Walther PPQ… I wonder why?

I don’t claim to be an expert on WWII History so if any other gun buyers out there care to share more knowledge on this topic, feel free to comment below and enlighten us! I would be glad to hear more about it!

About the VP9

The VP9 is a striker-fired 9mm Semi-Automatic pistol. Its’ reinforced polymer Lower Receiver and stainless steel slide make it considerably light weight at about 25 ½ oz with an empty magazine. The trigger system consists of a 5.4 lbs. trigger pull with .24” of travel, and .12” of reset. This is highly desirable as it enables the shooter to instantly apply follow-on shots at a considerable rate since the trigger barely needs to move. The VP9 also comes with a great supply of ergonomic grip profiles for users to adjust and customize the pistol grip to exactly how they like it. Once a shooter has the ability to obtain that ideal grip position, accurate follow on shots is the induced side effect because recoil can be more easily managed. The Hi-Viz Sights that are included on the firearm also make it extremely easy to obtain the perfect sight picture and proper sight alignment.



One thing that H&K is famous for is innovating the concept of polygonal rifling back in the 1960’s. This new bore design effectively seals the gases from the propellant, keeping it behind the bullet as it travels down the bore and out the muzzle. This new concept considerably improves muzzle velocity. H&K also claims that it will greatly improve the life of the barrel by thousands of rounds over conventional lands-and-grooves.

One convenient feature that H&K have included on the VP9 is the red-colored striker-fire pin that is located on the back of the slide. This red indicator informs the shooter when the weapon is in-fact cocked and ready to fire. Located on the side of the Slide is an enlarged, heavy-duty cartridge extractor that also functions as a loaded chamber indicator. It should be noted that this is H&K’s first striker-fired pistol since the 1980’s, so its pretty cool to know that they are taking the time to seriously innovate and accommodate this type of firing system for today’s shooters that seem to be leaning more toward that market.


Shooters will also notice that picatinny rail system that is molded into the Lower Receiver. This is great for shooters that are currently operating in the field, or those who are purchasing this weapon for home defense, to attach a flashlight or laser.

For those that have not had the chance to shoot the VP9, with the combination of the ergonomically enhanced pistol grip, outstanding trigger, and optimized recoil spring, you will surely be impressed and confident knowing that it shoots with extreme ease and incredible accuracy.  Overall the H&K VP9 is an outstanding weapon for self defense and protection.


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Stay sharp – shooters!