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Bullpup Rifles vs. Standard AR15 and AK Rifles

The first time I saw a bullpup rifle was in the movie Die Hard. The gun was space age, sleek, modern, and just cool looking. The gun I’m referring to is the Steyr AUG. Ever since that film I have been fascinated by the bullpup concept and what it has to offer the firearm community.

bullpup rifle

Now, what is a bullpup rifle you ask? How is it different from the AR15s of the world? Let me explain the pros and cons of the bullpup system vs the more common AR15 rifle system. The bullpup design places the firearm’s action and magazine behind the trigger group. The reasoning behind this is to decrease the length and weight of the firearm while retaining the same barrel length. This design is a far cry from the standard style of rifles. The AR15 pattern of rifles differ in that the action and magazine well are in front of the shooter rather than in the rear. This allows the shooter to quickly change magazines and manipulate the gun without having to shift their grip. Now one can learn and adapt to the bullpup rifle, and some may even come to prefer it. The pros to having a bullpup rifle are the ability to have a standard length barrel without having to file for a SBR tax stamp with the ATF. The overall dimensions are compact, which allows the user to manipulate the firearm in close quarters. The cons include having to learn a new way of manipulating your firearm. The shooter is essentially re-learning a weapon system that may feel uncomfortable to them. For the majority of gun owners and/or new shooters, they are familiar with the AR15 rifles as well as the AK patterned rifles. So when a relatively new concept comes to the market some may shy away from the design altogether.

bullpup rifle

Now, personally, I have always been intrigued by the concept of the bullpup rifle, and I have acquired several different variations of popular bullpup weapons including the Steyr AUG mentioned earlier. One cool and fascinating version of the bullpup is the very popular IWI Tavor. The Tavor is an Israeli designed bullpup rifle that utilizes AR15 magazines. That is a huge bonus to the AR15 owner who has a plethora of magazines for that rifle system. See all the available models of IWI Tavor! Another version of the bullpup system is the FNH PS90. What’s different about this design is the fact that the magazine sits on top of the receiver behind the shooter and ejects the spent casings downward. The PS90 is a completely ambidextrous weapon that allows lefties and righties to manipulate the gun effectively. Check out more on the FNH PS90! The last, but equally awesome, bullpup I’ll mention is the KSG shotgun from Keltec. What’s interesting about this gun is the fact that it is a bullpup shotgun that incorporates dual feeding tubes and ejects empty shells downward, similar to the PS90. This creates a very compact shotgun that keeps the legal 18.5 barrel while maintaining a short overall package.

bullpup rifle

Now you may be thinking, he’s biased toward bullpups. Absolutely not! I have a fascination with the design, but I also enjoy and love my AR15s. In the end if you have an AR15 but are just looking for something different, something compact, and something that is just different enough to add to your arsenal, try out a bullpup. Check out our selection of IWI Tavor Rifles on!

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